About Us

Transformative’s mission is to create healthcare systems where transparency, trust, and communication are the hallmark of every interaction between healthcare facilities, providers, and their patients and together, we elevate the practice of medicine. We aim to educate, support, and advise providers so they can deliver exceptional care, in their own facilities, under healthcare plans they partner with, and in the patient’s best interest. Physicians determining patient care – what a Revolutionary  idea!

About Our IPA

Azure Healthcare of Arizona is an Independent Provider Association with more than 40 specialties ranging from Internal Medicine to Neurosurgery. This best-in-class association of specialists allow everyone to get the professional care they deserve. Our providers work together to create a synergistic roadmap to the best outcomes. Azure Healthcare of Arizona has coverage across the entire state, ensuring that healthcare is available when and, where you need it. For more information visit https://www.azureipa.org